Danny Harf and the Off Season

December 8, 2009

a video by team nautiques featuring Danny Harf talking about whats good in the off season out in Florida. Looks like frisby golf would be a fun pass time.

Danny Harf-Having some fun in the off season from Sean Kilgus on Vimeo.


Dockjumping the Eldorado

December 8, 2009

In 2007 we built this shitty old ramp and would cart it out to any dock or drop off we could find around the Okanagan. One time, at this location, it was getting dusk and a very drunk tourist thought he could jump this thing. After arguing with us for a little while we let him rip it. Right before coming up to the ramp he slid out, went over the bars and face first into the ramp. Pushing it off the end of the dock and into the water. We managed to get it out of the lake but it was water-logged and way to funny so we called it a day. =)

We’ve since destroyed this ramp and have upgrade to this much more manageable, yet more intense and hardcore version. rawr!

An old sequence…

December 8, 2009

This picture was taken out at Christina Lake, BC. Gorgeous conditions and beautiful scenery. I just wish that week would have lasted a little longer and not ended in a toeside edge, concussion story to bring home.

Jimmy Lariche and Adam Errington NTT

December 8, 2009

Check this out! Orlando boys throwin down osmosis 5’s and lookin stylish! And bringin’ back an awesome song to boot.

blackberry wordpress app

December 8, 2009

Just finished installing the newest version on my storm. I like it! It’s very easy to navigate.

Go to http://blackberry.wordpress.org/ on your mobile browser for a copy

Finnally started my own blog!

December 7, 2009

So it’s about damn time i start logging my crazy adventures and talents so here goes nothing.